News: Irreantum Issues Call for Submissions Re: Leslie Norris

Have something you’d like to say about Leslie Norris’s influence upon your creative endeavors but don’t know where to say it? This announcement soliciting submissions appreared on the E-mail List of the Association of Mormon Letters 5/8/06:

Irreantum will pay tribute to the late Leslie Norris in its next issue (focused on Poetry). To that end, we are looking for submissions for Irreantum’s next Readers Write section on the topic “Leslie Norris Among the Mormons.” Norris was a highly regarded poet of international repute, originally from Wales, who chose to make his home with his wife Kathryn (Kitty) in Orem, Utah. He was poet in residence for several years in BYU’s English Department. He never joined the church, though he seemed to get along fine with his Mormon colleagues, students, and neighbors. He was a mentor and friend to a great many BYU students and faculty members, and even to some Gentiles. What can you say about this anomalous figure whose influence in the world of Mormon literature may be felt for generations?

We will publish a set of short essays by Irreantum readers and other interested parties. They should be thoughtful, honest, and well written. Authors need not be LDS; religious commitment or affiliation is of secondary importance. If you have something to share about “Leslie Norris Among the Mormons,” please send your submission of 500-1500 words to:, with “Readers Write” in the subject line. Deadline is June 15. Only electronic submissions are accepted.

For more information, please contact Laraine Wilkins at To learn more about Irreantum, please visit