Admin: AMV welcomes playwright Mahonri Stewart

We are pleased to announce that this place has just become a bit more dramatic.


Mormon playwright Mahonri Stewart has joined A Motley Vision.

The premiere of Stewart’s British period drama “Farewell To Eden” at UVSC kick-started an era of exciting, interesting productions at the college and the blossoming of projects for talented writers, actors and directors there. He has followed up his outstanding debut with several other exciting projects (which he will mention in his introduction).

But just as important as his talents as a playwright, Stewart is devoted to producing Mormon-themed art and has interesting and informed opinions on Mormon arts and culture. He will not only help AMV better cover the world of Mormon drama, but he will also help us continue to bring readers interesting, unique, relevant Mormon criticism and reviews in a variety of genres and fields.

Welcome, Mahonri!

4 thoughts on “Admin: AMV welcomes playwright Mahonri Stewart”

  1. Welcome aboard, Mahonri. William, you keep adding people and pretty soon you can go on the road with your own company of traveling players. 

    Posted by Dave

  2. Welcome to AMV, Mahonri. Oddly enough, I recently discovered that I have been roommates with two of your cousins-in-law. They’re practically my sisters, so I guess that makes you and William cousins, or something.

    I look forward to your dramatic insights.

    Posted by Katherine Morris

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