4 thoughts on “News: Richard Dutcher’s Studio Catches Fire”

  1. Thanks, Shawn. This is bad news.

    “Gwen Dutcher said the losses probably include all prints– the film that is placed on movie projectors– of the latest Dutcher production, ‘States of Grace,'”

    Dang. I wonder if the LDS Church would be willing to sub-let a small part of the mountain to a society for the preservation of Mormon manuscripts, film prints and art.

    Probably not. But this does illustrate the need for a secure archives for Mormon works. The University libraries (BYU’s in particular because I don’t think the UofU’s holdings in Mormon literature are quite as extensive) are fine, but I don’t know how aggressive they are about obtaining manuscripts etc. from some of the minor Mormon publishers. 

    Posted by William Morris

  2. Holy Schnieky, I guess the devil didn’t like that film. I hope not all is lost.

    I didn’t even believe it at first, S.P., I was thinking, man, you’re two days early on this one.

    Posted by Eric Russell

  3. I’m glad you caught the update, William. That is a relief.

    This was another interesting detail from the updated story: “Mapleton Assistant Fire Chief Derald Olsen said the state fire marshal determined the blaze was accidental as a result of ‘spontaneous combustion’ from the renovation work.”

    A timorous, perhaps irrational, part of me worried when I first saw this story: “Oh no, some weirdo took offense at Dutcher’s portrayal of ordinances–and decided to express said offense with a match.” In some sense this strange “spontaneous combustion” explanation is a relief.  

    Posted by S. P. Bailey

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