News: LDS Film Festival, Jan. 18-21

The 5th Annual LDS Film Festival starts this Wednesday and goes through Saturday at the SCERA Center in Orem. I thought I’d mention a few things that stand out in the program because it looks like they’ve got a lot of really good things going on this year.

In years past, the festival has generally had only previously released films to show. This year, they are hosting world premier screenings of seven full-length or near full-length films, including Suits on the Loose, which is to hit theaters in February. A number of other less well known films will be shown as well.

On Friday, Kurt Hale will offer a presentation on the forthcoming Church Ball, and if you missed Ryan Little’s Everything You Want, which aired some time ago on ABC Family, it will be shown on Friday evening.

Most of the fun stuff looks like it’s all packed into Saturday. To start out the day, AML is hosting a panel discussion on the current state and future of LDS film. Following that, Kirby Heyborne will be doing a couple of actor’s workshops, John Moyer and Matt Whitaker will be doing a screenwriting workshop, and T.C. Christianson (The Work and the Glory) will be doing a cinematography workshop. Richard Dutcher will also be discussing States of Grace and showing clips from his new film Falling. Also, BYU professors Dennis Packard and Charles Cranney are doing a presentation on some of the amazing things they are doing with film in philosophy classes. Lots of stuff to choose from. I’m not going to be able to make it down this year, but if anyone makes it over there this week, let us know what you thought.

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  1. Wow. Not a bad program. And here I was thinking that it was just a bunch of recent BYU grads screening shorts they made for their senior project.

    Yes, please. If anyone goes and would be willing to write a brief post on it, e-mail me, and I’ll gladly post it (with your byline, of course). 

    Posted by William Morris

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