News: 2005 Irreantum fiction contest winners

From Irreantum editor Laraine Wilkins:

“The Association for Mormon Letters is pleased to announce the winners of its fifth annual Irreantum fiction contest.

  • First place ($250): “Judgment Day” by Aaron Orullian
  • Second place ($175): “They Wandered in Deserts” by Shawn P. Bailey
  • Third place ($100): “I Choose the Highway” by Charlotte Hilton Andersen
  • Honorable mention ($50): “Fatal Broken Heart” by Darvell Hunt

“We were pleased with the entries to this year’s contest, which included some fine writing. Candidates for a prize were selected by a group of readers. Final decisions were made by the editor of Irreantum. The winning stories will be published in the next few issues of Irreantum. The Irreantum fiction contest is funded in part through a grant from the Utah Arts Council/National Endowment for the Arts.”

Congratulations to all the winners.

Shawn P. Bailey is a well-known commenter in the Bloggernacle. You can read one of his poems at this Times & Seasons comment.

Darvell Hunt is a long-time participant of the AML-List. He also is the creator the MoNoWriMo (Mormon Novel Writing Month), which takes place this month. Details and samples of his work can be found on Hunt’s Web site.

I don’t know Aaron Orullian, but it appears that he won and that he is involved in filmmaking.

I was unable to find any information on Charlotte Hilton Andersen.

NOTE: Irreantum hasn’t always published all of the winning entries; I’m encouraged by Wilkins’ announcement that this year’s crop will all reach print. There just aren’t that many venuse for Mormon-themed short stories, and yet it’s one of the forms that interests me most (and is of great value to young writers).

4 thoughts on “News: 2005 Irreantum fiction contest winners”

  1. Has anybody gotten the new Irreantum yet? I got the Aug. 12 email that said it was coming out in a few weeks but haven’t seen it yet. Did I miss it?

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