Film: LDS script competition winners

The LDS Film Festival has announced the winners of its 2005 script competition. First place went to D. Kohl Glass for “The Strawberries of Eldritch” (great title that). Glass is a BYU graduate. His short film “The Promethean” won several awards in 2003/04, including first prize in the 2004 LDS Film Festival film competition. Here’s an IMDB review of the film.

Helene Holt won second place for “Phantom Justice.” She is the author of Exiled: The Story of John Lathrop and won a 2003 scriptwriting award for her adaption of the book.

Third place winners are Aaron Johnston for “Sarah, Woman of Genesis” and Tyler Measom for “Weekend Wedding.” Johnston is a member of Orson Scott Card’s posse. And I would guess that his screenplay is an adaptation of OSC’s historical novel of the same name. Measom has won previous LDS Film Festival contests and wrote and directed a short comic film titled Fall of Man that is described as: “When a man gets stranded in the desert, the only person to come to his aid is a pale skinned tourist who claims to be Lucifer.” It can be viewed here.

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