Film: Rick Schroder’s LDS-related project

Weekend Standard (subtitle: China’s Business Newspaper) has posted an in-depth article on actor-turned-filmmaker Rick Schroder. It mentions his next project — “a feature film he did not write called The Principle Wife, a story set in the 1870s about Mormons and polygamy.”

The story also focuses on how he found financing and the difficulties he had in distributing his last film “Black Cloud.” And it confirms that he self-identifies as Mormon.

I haven’t seen “Black Cloud” so I can’t comment on his filmmaking skills, but he seems like a down-to-earth guy, and I enjoyed the candid, personal quotes he contributed to the article.

3 thoughts on “Film: Rick Schroder’s LDS-related project”

  1. I’ve seen Black Cloud. I wanted it to be good, but it was just bad. It was sincere, but failed in almost every aspect. Poorly written structure, poorly written dialogue, and poorly acted. The filmwork itself seemed okay. But everything else just felt like a first draft. I thought it was on a par with The Book of Mormon movie overall.

    I think it’s funny that he got funding from American Indians because I didn’t think it portrayed them in a particularly positive light. Oh well.

    I’ll be very interested to see how a polygamy movie will play out and if Mormons will support it. 

    Posted by Eric Russell

  2. “The Principle Wife,” which was written by Matt Ball & Mark Greenhalgh, is a wonderful screenplay. Rick will direct this film. We’re still looking for investors, LDS or not, as we need a few more. It is not a film for Mormons. Rather, it is a film for all audiences, which happens to be about polygamy as seen through the eyes of the first wife. If you’re interested in investing in this project, please contact me.  

    Posted by Shawn Haught

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