News: A first look at OSC’s Advent Rising

CBS has posted a glowing preview of the innovative game Advent Rising, which was written by LDS author Orson Scott Card and has a soundtrack by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

According to Game Core columnists William Vitka and Chad Chamberlain, “if you could combine the RPG (Role Playing Game) elements of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), the cinematic and great story scaling of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, mix in a little Metroid Prime, with a touch of Aeon Flux (a really cool animated cartoon that aired on MTV years ago), [you] might get close to what Advent Rising offers its players.”

They also write:

“In Advent Rising, players make decisions that effect not only what they experience in the first game, but the entire Advent trilogy. Oh, yes folks, this game was originally written as a movie. Therefore, all the elements in the game(s) are intrinsically linked to each other in an epic story line. Any script or game that has Orson Scott Card’s seal of approval on it has to be good.”

I’m not a gamer, but the idea of gameplay being structured as part of a serious story line is very cool.

Unfortunately, the Advent Rising Web site appears to be down at the moment. A game trailer is available at Glyphx’s Web site.

UPDATE: The Advent Rising Web site is back online.

2 thoughts on “News: A first look at OSC’s Advent Rising”

  1. It looks great, but no PS2? It also looks quite violent (cool!), whic makes the MoTab soundtrack even more bizarre!!!!!

    Posted by Ronan

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