Admin: Tinkering and blogroll policy

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve made a couple of small changes to AMV. I moved the syndication buttons to the top of the blog. And, really, if you aren’t subscribed to my site feed, you should be. As much as I’d like to promise daily content, the reality is that I average 2-3 posts a week, and while I’ve never gone completely silent, there have been a few times when 10 days have passed between posts. Subscribe to my feed and you’ll know when I’ve posted fresh content — not that that should discourage you from dropping by in between posts. I do sometimes update posts and even get some great comments. For those who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, read this primer.

I also added a gmail icon to make it easier to figure out how to contact me and added a creative commons license. Credit to both ideas goes to Steve Rubel and his excellent pr blog MicroPersuasion.

And I finally caved and switched my blogroll to Bloglines. I much preferred the old presentation with all of the blogs grouped together with my favorites in bold, but I like to manage my blogroll fairly aggressively and that’s easier to do with the current format. However, I also want to be a good netizen so without further ado, here is my…

Official AMV blogroll policy

Here’s the deal:

1. A Motley Vision is specifically designed to be part of the loose connection of Mormon-themed blogs called the Bloggernacle. As such, I list on my blogroll those blogs that consistently publish on Mormon topics and take part in the conversation that is the Bloggernacle.

2. I don’t link to journal blogs — which doesn’t mean that I don’t read and enjoy them. I do. But I’m not going to link to them. Except for…

3. I will link to any blog that links to me. I think that’s a courtesy we should all afford each other. Granted, if you don’t fit my criteria, you’ll be put in the ‘Reciprocity’ category. I do try to keep my nav bar relatively uncluttered so that the reciprocity blogs don’t get pushed too far down the page. I have used various means of ferreting out those who link to me. If I have overlooked you, please let me know.

4. I will also try to highlight posts of any sort that are on the topic of this blog — Mormon arts and culture — no matter what the source. I tend to monitor the blogs listed on my blogroll (and then some), but it never hurts to e-mail me if you’ve posted something that you think I should mention.

5. Finally, because of the switch to Bloglines, I can no longer link to blogs that don’t have a site feed. If you don’t have one — get one. Yes, this means you Nathan Shumate.

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