News: Allred is all over…

…the place. Seriously. See my round up below. But first, I should tell you all that I don’t aplogize for the lack of AMV updates. I’ve spent all my free time licking the door handles of all the cars in Chiron’s secret underground executive lot. [NOTE to Chiron attorneys — clearly that’s a joke. I have no knowledge whatsoever of the secret underground parking lot. Nor have I been coughing on the daily mid-morning mini-lobster newburgs or exhaling deeply into the mid-afternoon hot, steaming face towels].

But anyway.The Golden Plates, Mike Allred’s comic adaptation of the Book of Mormon, is getting some decent publicity. Here’s a round up along with AMV‘s patented Quik-Commentary [straight from the hip and off the hook or something like that — as you can see being doped up on flu medication has done nothing to dampen my amazing wit].

1. Corvallis Gazette-Times: Allred is a rebel! Worth reading for Allred’s thoughts on X-Statix and the whole Princess Di thing.

2. Nashville City Paper: The writer has got to be either Mormon or a serious Allred freak. How else do you explain an alt-weekly in Nashville covering this story? Also: a crucial piece of the “founding story” is revealed! [see how fun this is?]

3. Salt Lake Tribune: The SLC comic book store Night Flight [NoTE: I’m going to open a comic book store called “Comics’n’Things of “Val-U-Comic”] has sold “hundreds and hundreds” of copies. Will The Golden Plates outsell the Doubleday Version of the real thing? And, let’s not forget the priceless, only in the Trib line — “The book is mostly available through comic-book outlets, though church-owned Deseret Book has picked it up — a sign of church approval.”

4. Deseret News: Hits all the right notes, Allred is a “faithful member,” it’s a “family project,” and the content is “at most, on a PG-13 level.” The story also reveals that Allred did send promotional materials for the project to church headquarters. And — “The word I got back was that the church does not endorse such projects. But I didn’t hear anything about them being displeased with it either.”

5. Ain’t It Cool News: The AICN review is luke-warm (as one might expect). The bottom line seems to be — not enough action. Best line from the review — “There is one beheading, a magic tree, and an angel, but for some reason none of these are very exciting.” [My thanks to Ryan Bell of IntellecXhibitionist for bringing this review to my attention].

6. Finally, Steve Evans has posted an interview with Allred at By Common Consent: The truth comes out! The Golden Plates is part of the LDS Church’s nefarious plot to convert comic nerds. Actually, it’s nice to see that Allred is so sincere and up-front about his faith and its connection to his art — and, more importantly, he wants there to be that connection. Of course, AMV would have brough up some of the issues he raised in a prior post on The Golden Plates. But Evans is at least honest in the fact that his approach is totally softball, sycophantic in nature. [I kid — Steve and I and a whole bunch of other talented, cultured people have launched a non-LDS-oriented arts and culture blog appropriately dubbed kulturblog. Check it out.]

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