Admin: AMV now comment friendly!

Thanks to the intrepid Ebenezer Orthodoxy, A Motley Vision has added two features that make reader interaction much better.

1. A “Recent Comments” section on the sidebar on the home page.

2. A javascript hack that lets readers post comments without logging on to Blogger. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of each post.

Ebenezer’s Blogger modifications can be found at Blogger Hacks.

5 thoughts on “Admin: AMV now comment friendly!”

  1. I hope that other Blogger-based Bloggernacle-ites take the time to do this as well. I can already tell that I’ll end up posting more on blogs that use EO’s hack.

    Also: I encourage all Blogger blogs to sign up with Feedburner or some other system. Blogger only sends out an Atom feed, which some feed readers don’t support [like Sharpreader which I use]. If you register with Feedburner or a similar service, your feed will be compatible with RSS, Atom, etc. making it accessible to a wider range of users.

    And if you have no idea what i’m talking about, check out this CNET article on RSS 

    Posted by William Morris

  2. Okay, I’ll try out the hack. Blogger has come a long way the last few months–more templates, comments, etc. If I were switching from Radio today instead of six months ago, I might have ended up on Blogger instead of Typepad (which hasn’t added any features since I started there, as far as I can tell). The recent comments hack fills in the last “can’t live without it” gap in Blogger’s functionality. The only thing Typepad still has is the nifty Typelist feature. But Blogger offers the ability to add new or guest bloggers easily. 

    Posted by Dave

  3. William,
    The most recent versions of SharpReader I have used do support ATOM, but signing up for a FeedBurner account is a good idea anyway.

    I was a dedicated SharpReader user until the recent release of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 and Mozilla FireFox Preview.

    Thunderbird now supports RSS and ATOM subscriptions, and while it does not yet sport all of the features of SharpReader, it is excellent and the convenience of being able to read my feeds right alongside my multiple email accounts, in the same client, is great. I expect it will only get better.

    The latest FireFox also has a new feature that detects whether a page you are viewing has an RSS or ATOM feed and informs you with the appearance of an RSS icon in the statusbar. If you click on the icon you can create a “Live Bookmark” to the feed–a bookmark that reads the feed regularly and provides a link to each post. Combined with the already existing ability to set up bookmarks to check the page on a regular basis and inform you when there are changes, Firefox can act as a feedreader. Like Thunderbird’s RSS support, it will only be getting better.

    I’m glad you all like the comments hack. There are a few others who plan to install it but are waiting until I finish the program that will migrate their Haloscan comments to blogger comments. It’s pretty close to finished…I’m mostly just testing now. 

    Posted by Ebenezer

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