Elsewhere: Time out for a purple pansies fireside

Update 12/23/04: If you are looking for details on “The Fireside Song,” see below or click here.

Braden Bell has an interesting post over at To Speak of Many Things on Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women progam. I discussed the book club part of the program back in July. Braden’s post is on the event part of Time Out. Modeled after Oprah’s speaking tour, the one-day events cost $38 and are a sort of motivational seminar/fireside hybrid.

This is Deseret Book’s description:

Time Out for Women is a day long event intended as an opportunity for participants to regroup, commiserate with others facing similar demands, and catch their physical and spiritual breath. Attendees are treated to presentations by several respected authors and artists who address the spiritual challenges and needs of women in the Church.”

Braden asks:

“Is this a good idea? Do we want to have an event that will clearly separate the have’s and the have-not’s? What about women who can’t get off work, or whose husbands can’t get off work to babysit the kids? Is the potential benefit so great that it outweighs the possible negatives?”

I think those are good questions. So far the comments on the post have been fairly supportive of the program. One comment justly points out that Time Out for Women is similar to programs like Education Week and Especially for Youth. But I have to admit that I am worried that the Deseret Book impramateur of the whole thing (and most importantly the very visible involvement of Sheri Dew) puts this in an area of quasi-official discourse. The kind that’s seen as sanctioned, if not official.

Mark Hansen over at Mo’ Boy Blog asks readers to list their favorite and least favorite LDS songs. Mark isn’t fond of “Little Purple Pansies.”

Finally, I haven’t seen this crop up in the Bloggernacle yet so I have no idea if everyone else has already heard this and I’m just late to the game, but Alllen Simpson has done a Mormon take-off of Adam Sandler’s The Hannukah Song called, appropriately enough, The Fireside Song (a nod to Galactic Cactus for bringing this to my attention). The song is being used to promote LDS Fest, an LDS music festival that will take place in Las Vegas this December.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Time out for a purple pansies fireside”

  1. Call me an “evil” LDS woman, but the idea of sitting around listening to a bunch of speakers talking about the challenges of life and such, is in no way my idea of a fun time. If I need a time out, I will call a friend, go for a walk, read a good book, climb a mountain, or take a nap! All free, and all simple pleasures to be had at any given moment. 🙂

  2. So what you’re saying Aimee is that…

    Daily scripture study and prayer
    Weekly church meetings
    Weekly family home evening
    Monthly visiting teaching visits
    Monthly enrichment nights
    Monthly ward temple nights
    Semi-annual stake relief society events
    Semi-annual stake conferences
    Semi-annual women’s conferences
    Semi-annual general conferences

    …are enough for you to feel like you’re addressing the spiritual needs and challenges you face?

    Posted by William Morris

  3. Yes, William, I think very much that they are enough. Not only that, but I can get even more spiritual upliftment anytime I want by praying more, reading more scriptures, serving others, and other non-church sponsored activities such as those that I mentioned in my first comment. Sometimes spending some time alone in nature is the perfect way to fill my needs spiritually.  

    Posted by Aimee Roo

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