Reading: Doctrine & Covenants 128:19-21

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NOTE: This is the first-ever A Motley Vision reading. It’s a little rough in places, but overall — not a bad way to kick off a new feature.

4 thoughts on “Reading: Doctrine & Covenants 128:19-21”

  1. Good question.

    My only criteria was that I wanted to read a passage from scripture from the Restoration.

    I settled on these verses, because…

    Well, it’s a passage that I’ve always liked. The repetition. The psalm-likeness of it. The great imagery and word flow chooped with some awkward details — Susquehanna tripped me up a couple of times and I had to re-record. And they’re awkward as poetry, but I like the details — the specific-ness of them. It’s very much in the spirit of the resoration — we go from Carmel to the room in Father Whitmer’s house.

    And I like the listing of angels — I’ve always wondered who Raphael is.

    Michael = Adam; Gabriel = Noah; Raphael = ??.

    I even asked a GA about that [don’t remember who — he seemed amused by the question and replied that as I probably knew — as far as he knew, it isn’t something that has been revealed] — most LDS I’ve discussed this with tend to think that it’s either Enoch or Abraham.

    But back to the passage — it has that sort of unpopular yet populist in tone, hybrid-discourse vibe that appeals to me.

  2. Thanks for your response. I didn’t know if you were silently commenting on verses 22-23 by leaving them out of your reading. I like the crescendo from the last part of v. 18 to verse 23. I’ve seen verses 19, 22, and 23 formatted in poetic form by Sidney Sperry and others. I guess 20 and 21 were too awkward.


  3. Actually, I had originally intended to read 19-24, but after making a first attempt, I realized — the shorter, the better.

    And, dang, but I have a serious Californian accent. I guess my southern-Utah upbringing only manifests itself now in a fondness for knives and jerky.

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