Elsewhere: Orson’s Telescope on Mormoniana

I usually only refence other blogs when I’m posting on a subject that other bloggers have posted on — and only then when those posts include actual commentary [see for example my post on the Doubleday Book of Mormon]. But I’ve decided that if I run across a post that is outstanding and very much on-topic for A Motley Vision, I should give it due props. Such is the case with Orson’s Telescope‘s recent review of Mormoniana, a collection of music and visual art created by Mormon artists.

It’s a great review of an exciting piece of Mormon art. Check it out.

By the way, I’m especially pleased to see that a paperback edition will be printed and priced at $50. At $150, the hardbound edition is a bit pricey (albeit collector-worthy). I also hope that the Mormon Artists Group is actively trying to get libraries with Mormon collections [BYU, Claremont, SLC Main, UofU, etc.] to purchase a copy.

NOTE: This is as good a place as any to mention that I support the Blog Sourcing Petition and encourage others to do the same.