About the site: My pretensions

My college coursework was in literary studies; I work in the field of public relations. This blog reflects both backgrounds. Thus, my interest in Mormon literature ranges from the content of the texts themselves to how they are created, edited, marketed, distributed, read, reviewed and, finally, canonized, taught, referenced or forgotten.

The subhead mentions film, theater, music and pop/folk culture. What I intended for that to indicate is that I’m interested in all forms of Mormon narrative art. What makes a work “Mormon” is a huge question that I’m not prepared to answer, but hope to explore in some form with this blog.What makes a work a “narrative” is another great question, but I don’t think I’m going to even touch that one.

I’m also interested in Mormon pop and folk culture so there may also be some forays into semiotics and material culture.

For all this I owe a huge debt to the AML-list, the e-mail discussion list of the Association of Mormon Letters. I spent six years on the list — four of those as an active poster. It allowed me to become familiar with the field and betray my obsessions with topics that will pop up here regularly. And for that — a special shout out goes to Ben Parkinson, Jonathan Langford and (currently) Jacob Proffitt for the thankless, time-consuming work of moderating the list.

One thought on “About the site: My pretensions”

  1. Thanks for the blurb on my new LDS Romance, The Mist of Quarry Harbor, but you got my name wrong. Yes, this was an unabashed romance, though I did try to…restrain my…use of elipses and exclamation points!!! I hope you’ll try one of my other books, any one of the Spider Latham Series: The Lodger, After Goliath and Snakewater Affair. Very few elipses, but a few smiles that light up the room (or whatever it was the other smile lit up).

    I enjoyed your Kane County song. I went to high school in Kanab, long before you were born, and the names were familiar to me. Not because I knew the originals–it wasn’t THAT long ago–but because I knew descendants. In fact, I took the name of my hero in the above-mentioned mystery series from a fellow I went to school with there. Can’t remember his name, but he was a tall, rangy fellow, and everyone called him Spider.

    I’ve enjoyed tooling around your blog–my maiden forray into this cybergenre. I imagine I’ll be back. If I’ve done this right, you’ll be reading this. If not…(dang! just can’t get away from those elipses!!)

    Liz Adair

    Posted by Liz Adair

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