LDS Cinema — What’s Coming In 2014?

2014bHappy New Year! What’s new and what’s coming up in 2014?

* New site design, which will be tweaked here and there throughout this week.



* mittA new documentary about Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, entitled MITT, will be released directly through Netflix on January 24th.  The documentary is directed by Greg Whiteley (New York Doll) who was granted “unprecedented” access to the Romney campaign leading up to the 2012 election.

The trailer for MITT can be seen below.

ldsff_2014* The LDS Film Festival is preparing for its 13th iteration, with the schedule to be announced later this month. The festival will be held February 5th-8th (a later date than previous years) at the SCERA Theater in Orem, Utah. The official site can be found here.






*   What else?   Production is reportedly underway on a third Saints & Soldiers film, as well as a new film based on the story of the Prodigal Son from the New Testament.  The latter film, entitled Wayward, is written and directed by Rob Diamond (Once Upon a Summer, Elizabeth’s Gift).

A new film based on the Book of Mormon is also upcoming, produced by a different team of filmmakers than the earlier Book of Mormon Movie that received a lukewarm reception in 2004.

The vagaries of production schedules and distribution doesn’t guarantee any of these films will find a release in 2014, but LDS audiences should have a handful of upcoming films to look forward sometime in the near future.

  • Wm

    I hadn’t realized that Whiteley was involved in MITT and that it would be released on Netflix. That ups the chances of me watching it by quite a bit.

  • Randy

    Thanks for the links. ‘Saratov Approach’ is expanding its release on January 10, though I’m not exactly sure what that means beyond the on-demand four-walling they’ve been doing so far. Just new markets? Does anyone know?

    Also, I recently saw the facebook page for this film: Looks a little like a ‘Mobsters & Mormons’ or ‘Suits on the Loose’ premise. Same release day as ‘Mitt,’ in Utah theaters.

    Xan Aranda is progressing on her autobiographical doc ‘Mormon Movie,’ which has the chance of being as good as any Mormon film out there.

    I also know of a comic web series and couple other things in development that could be really good.

    And if anyone out there’s interested, I myself should be finishing my book ‘Mormon Cinema’ for Christmas 2014 and shooting a film for early 2015, but any more details have to stay under wraps until I actually do the stuff.

  • Kevin Burtt

    Thanks Randy for the info.

    It looks like Inspired Guns is going to have a couple of pre-release screenings that are free to the public: Jan 14th in Orem, and Jan 15th in Layton. (details on their Facebook page)

    I remember seeing the Mormon Movie kickstarter page back in 2012 but didn’t jump in at the time. It looks like an intriguing project, and I hope Xan gets the funding and resources she needs to finish it. (25k usually doesn’t get you very far with filmmaking, unfortunately)

  • Hunter Hale

    MITT will be a must-see for me. Greg Whiteley’s NEW YORK DOLLS was very special. Always wondered what he would follow up with and finding out that it is the documentary MITT is very exciting.
    Saw the trailer for INSPIRED GUNS at the screening of the excellent SARATOV APPROACH and it looks like it will be very funny and well made. I’ll see this one in the theatre.
    Also excited that the LDS FILM FESTIVAL has added a FAMILY MOVIES section this year. One of the great things that has taken place is the ability to create high quality HD video for capturing moments in our loved ones lives. The films can’t be longer then five minutes. I entered one that I titled FRANCES & THE BUGS in which I was able to capture a 2 1/2 year-old grand daughter at the moment she discovered the world of box-elder bugs and a worm. It’s priceless and the HD images and sound are amazing. This is a way that people like me, who love film and who are thrilled with the forthcoming of Mormon cinema, can use their talents and share things visually in this exciting time.

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