Coming April 6th — Redemption (PG)

This Friday (April 6th) Redemption — written and directed by Tom Russell — will appear in select theaters. (The movie’s official site and Facebook page have more information)

Redemption is based on a true story involving a convicted criminal sent into exile and a lawman who is conflicted about how to treat him.  How do you respect someone’s humanity while respecting the demands of justice at the same time?

Redemption originally screened at the LDS Film Festival in January — here’s my original write-up where I gave it a B at the time. (It’s a borderline B+, all things considering;  some of the weird tangents and choppy editing rubbed me the wrong way, along with sound issues that probably weren’t the fault of the film.)

I’m moderately surprised the film got a PG rating, and apparently without any cuts.  I thought the (admittedly limited) violence and general tone were more in line with a PG-13 film.  Regardless, Redemption is an excellent film that’s worthy of support (even though I’d still consider leaving the young kids at home).

Below is the official trailer: