LDS Film Festival 2012 Schedule Announced

LDS Film Festival 2012The 2012 LDS Film Festival will be taking place January 25th through the 28th at the SCERA theater in Orem, Utah.  The primary schedule has been announced at the official site, although there will be further updates of showings and presentations closer to the festival opening.

Some highlights of this years schedule:

  • Redemption — a drama about a lawman and a prisoner, set on the western frontier in 1862.  Directed by Tom Russell and starring John Freeman, Margot Kidder, and Barry Corbin.
  • Stand Strong — a drama about a family in crisis who learns what success is really about.  Directed by Amy and Shawn Kenney.
  • The Last Eagle Scout — satirical drama/comedy about a future society without Scouting where one young man tries to finish his Eagle before time runs out.  Written and directed by Kels Goodman.
  • Corianton: A Story of Unholy Love — the 1931 black & white film adaptation of the Brigham H. Roberts novella (based on the story of Corianton, son of Alma, from the Book of Mormon).
  • The Measure of a Man — a true story of an orphan in the Great Depression era who travels from Oklahoma to California and ends up raising a large posterity.  Directed by Elizabeth and Andrew Waite.
  • The Letter Writer — latest from LDS Film Festival head Christian Vuissa, a drama about a rebellious teenager who becomes the apprentice to an old writer of life-affirming letters.

In addition, the festival also features the regular assortment of documentaries, short films, discussion forums, and filmmaker presentations.  Tickets can be purchased online at the SCERA website or at the door.